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Santo Tomas Prisoners Liberated, 1945/03/01

Published 1945

(1) "Since their conquest of the Philippines in 1941, the Japs have been holding 3,700 prisoners on the campus of Santo Tomas University. As the American forces reach Manila in the current campaign, General MacArthur, with an Honor Guard of the 1st Cavalry Brigade enters the stockades to the cheers of the famished internees. Mail call finds them overjoyed again, only this time they weep openly." "Jap Artillery finds the range of the University and the assembly breaks up quickly, but not until several victims are wounded." scenes of MacArthur visits the Allied prisoners freed in the Philippines, Japanese still fire on Manila, Red Cross provides news and letters from home; (2) Geneva, Red Cross On The Job - "Geneva, Switzerland: The central office of the Red Cross maintains huge warehouses, loaded with food and other essentials for war prisoners and internees." (3) Ice Jams Rivers - near Cleveland, along Susquehanna in Pa., (4) 'Flea' Fleet Can Take It - "The Coast Guard '83's' - The 83-ft. craft of the U.S. Coast Guard, long famous as sub-busters and severs of downed-at-sea airmen, are adding laurels to their records with patrol activities in the icy Atlantic." (5) FDR Calls For World Accord - "F.D.R. Reports on Yalta - The House Chambers, Washington, DC: Returned from the historic conference of The Big Three, President Roosevelt gives his report to a special joint session of Congress, and the nation, in which he states that both Germany and Japan will be brought to unconditional surrender. Also, he advocates that a world organization be set up to maintain world-wide peace." scenes of FDR, sitting in chair, speaks to Congress on return from Yalta. (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, color


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